A Turkish decision for Palestinians with id papers

The Department of Foreign Affairs in the title deed department announced the issuance of an amendment regarding the ownership of Palestinians with id paper.

According to the New Turk Post website, the decree came into force on March 6 which allows ownership for Palestinian with id papers from Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. In order to complete this transaction, the Department required that the holder of the document to obtain a residence permit from the Immigration Department

The Department of Foreign Affairs also announced that this feature offers Palestinians the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for buying property.

The Turkish government has earlier decided to amend the terms of nationality for the purchase of property, to include properties under construction “unfinished” and not less than 250 thousand US dollars, or the equivalent in Turkish or hard currency.

The Turkish State Gazette published a law on 12/08/2018 stipulating the amendment of the conditions for the granting of citizenship in exchange for the purchase of a property that is a part of unfinished housing projects worth not less than 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent in Turkish or hard currency.

Thus, Foreigners can acquire Turkish nationality if they buy in cash an unfinished property, after it was limited to the completed properties only, provided that the property he buys is not sold within 3 years.

He must also pledge to the property registrar that he will not transfer his property to other persons within 3 years.