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Yes, the properties can be inherited from the deceased foreigner to the heirs according to Turkish law, and if the heirs are of nationalities that are not allowed to own property in Turkey, the Turkish government will sell the properties according to market prices and give the money to the heirs.

The built property (apartment, building, shop, villa) has two types of title deed: 1. Kat Irtifak?: It means that the Turkish government approved the plans and permits related to the construction and transferred the land title deed into building title and construction work has begun. 2. Kat Mülkiyeti: It means that the construction work has been completed according to the plans and it is possible to live or work in the property. In the event that the property is under construction and no type of title deed has been issued, this means either that the licenses are not completed, or construction work has not started, or the state has not approved some plans or licenses, and in the future it is possible to issue or not to issue a title deed for these properties.