Adel Bouzreibeh

A consistent and complete group, my experience with you was wonderful and I wish to deal with you constantly, and I will not hesitate to go to you for any consultation or advice, wish you success.

Abdel Alfater Yacoub

As a company, you are more than wonderful in dealing with the customer and the level of trust in you is increasing day by day, and your follow up to your customers even after the purchase is very kind, generous and hospitable which is of your pure Arabic habits, as a high class individuals in your dealings with people, your good morals is an unquestionable certificate.

Captain Shabib El Saadoun

With Proact-group we have found confidence in dealing, good treatment, spirit of help and overcoming obstacles for these reasons and other positive reasons we advise you to deal with this company.

Dr. Mohammed Al - Hamwi

I met Proact Group via the Internet during my search for real estate in Turkey. After communicating with them they were very kind and gave me a full idea of the projects in Turkey and the details related to them. On arriving to Turkey they were very helpful and helped me choose the best project. I see it as an important company in this field, dealing honestly, truthfully and seriously. I would advise anyone wishing to own property in Turkey to deal with them.

Hazem Mohammed Hashemite

I dealt with Proact Group when I thought about investing in a residential project for my family. I met the representative of the company in Riyadh who presented various offers and then I went to visit Istanbul where the company’s team met me at the airport. The tour started on several projects and was selected with the help of the team. Who also helped me to finish all legal procedures. I am ready to communicate with anyone who has the intention to try this successful experience by all standards.


Proact Group is a very professional company and I had a very good experience with them, I highly recommend working with them

Dr. Saad Al-Hariqi

I dealt with Proact Group when I was searching for a property in Istanbul for living and investment where a friend has recommended them to me. The team had a distinguished role in the selection of excellent options and deal was characterized with honesty followed up by care.

Walid Khan

I would advise anyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey to work with Proact Group where you’ll find a great experience, knowledge and realty offers throughout Turkey, they also help the clients to finish all leagal transactions.

Proact Group


we help you to reach your goal.

Our job is to help you in making the right decision with advice and counsel backed by a huge database, advanced search system, a large network of partners and years of experience. Our team will be working to help you find the right choice, negotiate on your behalf to get the best price and to protect you from fraud and legally troubled properties. We also provide a virtual simulation that will give approximate expectations on how your property's price will be in the future. Our free and paid services will cover all your needs wheather you're buying to invest or to make a new life for your family


Our Services


Our team will provide all your transportation needs, we will accompany you from the airport to your hotel room, in a tour around the city and to a specific locations of your choosing. we will also organise tours to the properties you're interested in so you can see it in real life.


Our team will guide you on how to follow up and end all legal and financial procedures associated with the registering of a property through our legal agent who is officially registered in the Turkish government. The legal agent's fees will be discussed with you before starting any procedures.


Our post-sell services will take care of all your properties' needs including facilitating construction operations, decorating, furnish-ing, renting and selling your prop-erties. We can also manage your properties from paying the bills to making monthly checkups if you had to travel away.


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