Mençuna Waterfall, a Magnificent Natural Heritage

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Mençuna Waterfall, a Magnificent Natural Heritage

Mençuna Waterfall is a waterfall located in the Arhavi district of Artvin. The magnificent natural heritage of the Black Sea, which leaves its natural beauty and admiration to us, is one of the most visited places of Archeological Village of Menchuna Waterfall. Mençuna Waterfall, which increases tourism value every year, has natural forests, various vegetation coverings, wild life and historical bridges.


The Mençuna Waterfall, which is formed by the merging of the small rivers arising from the Arili Mountains, is about 100 meters high. The water poured from this height forms a lake of about 200 square meters at the bottom of the valley. Immediately after the waterfall, the water continues on its way from the second waterfall at a height of about 10 meters, reaching Kamilet Stream about 200 meters later.


Menchuna Falls, one of the top places to visit in Artvin, is even more beautiful in Nisen and May, the melting of snow waters. It will enchant you as well as all its guests are the lush green waters and lush green nature.


Here’s a prepared a list of useful trips for first time visitors to Mecuna Waterfall. You can find in our writings the answers to your questions such as where to visit, what to do, what to eat and where to stay in Mençuna.

You can observe the view of the Black Sea from the Fortress of Ciha to the border of Rize and Georgia, which is believed to have remained from the Genoese period in Arhavi and used as a watchtower. You will have the chance to see the castle without the restoration work in its original form.


Before reaching Mençuna Waterfall, you can take walks on the mountain and plateau roads and take in fresh air. Also in Arhavi:

  • Kemer Bridge Bridge
  • Dome Bridge
  • Ship Rock
  • Stone Ship
  • Arhavi Central Mosque
  • Ulukent Mosque
  • You can see important historical heritages like Dikyamaç Mosque. You will know the Arhavi geography, which will attract you before you go to Menchuna.


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