The World’s Largest Tulips Carpet in Sultan Ahmet Square Now

by Proact
Apr , 13
The World’s Largest Tulips Carpet in Sultan Ahmet Square Now

The Municipality of Istanbul opened the 13th Tulip flowers Festival in the city and held a celebration of the world’s largest multi-colored flower carpet in the annual festival to mark the opening of this type of flower in the city.

The area of ​​the carpet, which was carved by the Municipality of Istanbul, was a thousand and 734 square meters, and was presented to visitors in the garden near the Sultan Ahmet mosque.

The carpet was made up of 565 thousand colored Tulip flowers, symbolically marking the 565-year-old opening of the city of Istanbul by the Ottoman Sultan Mohammed al-Fateh in 1453.

In a speech at the opening of the carpet, Wali Istanbul, Wassib Shaheen, said that the Tulip flower is important in terms of Turkish Islamic heritage.

He stressed that the home of Venus is Turkey and then moved to Europe and the world at large.

For his part, the mayor of Istanbul, Mouloud Oisal, said that in the eighteenth century Istanbul was adorned with a thousand and 588 species of tulip to become a paradise of this flower.

He pointed out that Turkey launched the Tulip Festival in 2005, in order to restore the status of this flower in Istanbul, stressing that today’s carpet is the largest carpet alive in the world.

During the opening of the 13th Festival of Tulip, Wali Istanbul said, “Venus is important in the Turkish and Turkish heritage. It is its native country and then moved to Europe and the world.”

“This local carpet was made up of 565,000 Tulip flowers planted in Turkey, with an area of ​​734 square meters,” he said.

He confirmed that Istanbul was decorated this year with 30 million Tulip flower of 125 species.

Following the opening ceremony, citizens, tourists and visitors flock to take pictures of the carpet, which will be displayed until April 30.


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