All you need to know about Başakşehir

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Jun , 27
All you need to know about Başakşehir

Başakşehir is an area located in the European section of Istanbul and is one of the most modern areas established in 2009. It is the region’s largest European region in terms of increasing residential areas. It is home to many of the infrastructure projects in the city. The preferred choice for mega-residential projects at the intersection of future vision projects in Turkey such as the new metro, Istanbul III Airport, Marmara North Road, Olympic Village, Istanbul Canal, the second Bosphorus and the largest health complex in Europe.
Basic information on the Başakşehir area:
The area is located on the European side in central Istanbul
The area of ​​the area is 104.33 square kilometers
The population in the region is 353,311 people
Mayor Mevlüt Uysal (Justice and Development Party)
Governor of the town kazım tekin

One of the most famous landmarks of the district of Başakşehir (Kent Square), which will be the largest square in Istanbul, the new city center is located on the area of ​​60 thousand two or three times the famous Taksim Square and according to the plan, the new field will be associated with the best services and transport that will link with All areas of Istanbul to be surrounded by many new projects such as Kent Health Center and the mosque, Salah al-Din, which will accommodate 5000 worshipers and many restaurants, cafés and public institutions that will attract more people to it.
There is a metro station, a tram and a bus station in the square, which will make traveling to and from the neighborhood easy and fast. There is a parking lot under this area that can accommodate thousands of cars. The Botanic Park is the largest botanical park in Turkey, with a total area of ​​386,000 square meters. The park will include sports, walking, cycling and multi-park areas. Hotel, shopping malls and shops.

Istanbul’s mega-projects such as the Third Istanbul Airport and the Third Istanbul Bridge have led to an increase of 27 per cent in real estate prices in the region of Başakşehir over the past year. The cumulative rise in real estate prices over the last two years In the region to 47%. The study also added that the area of ​​Başakşehir will enter the first five areas expected to rise after the completion of the mega-projects mentioned above.
It is expected that the real estate prices in the region will continue to rise after the completion of these projects, especially since the region is hosting the Bio-Istanbul project, the Medical City complex, which is the largest medical city in Europe, including scientific and educational research and development units, Hospitality units, commercial units, cultural centers and conference centers, which will contribute to the impact of local and foreign tourism in the region.
This medical city is classified as one of the largest medical cities in the world. It is established by JBIC and NEXI, which is built on an area of ​​one million and 60,000 square meters and will be followed by 60,000 visitors a day and 2,000 facilities. About 9500 employees in the health sector.

Investment recommendation
In the real estate sector, the real estate sector in Istanbul has become one of the three most important neighborhoods in Istanbul. The survey showed that real estate profits in the Başakşehir region are expected to be above the average real estate profits for Istanbul properties in the coming period. The completion of infrastructure projects, noting that property prices will continue to rise in the region and that this rise in prices will reach its peak after completion of the infrastructure projects mentioned.
What are the most famous real estate investment projects in the area of ​​Başakşehir?
Bahak Shahir Towers Complex
Complex Bahjh Taba
Mall of Istanbul Complex
New Istanbul Center Complex
Touk El Wadi complex: located in front of the green valley where a huge park will be opened, in a famous pakak near the new government field project, the project in the heart of new Istanbul, near the most important projects in the region such as the largest medical city in Europe, High quality.

Features of housing in the area of ​​Başakşehir:
• The nature of life: Being a conservative, quiet and remote from noise, an emerging area, very rich in high-end construction projects.
• The famous Başakşehir district is a very subsidized area of ​​its own municipality, and if you intend to stay in it, you will know that you will receive a lot of free entertainment
• Official institutions
• Recreation areas
• the shopping
• transportation
• Sports venues
• green areas
• Education
• Therapeutic services

The most important services available in the area of Başakşehir
• Palace of Başakşehir Nikah Sarayı for weddings of the municipality
• Başakşehir Sports Park
• Sular Vadisi Water Garden
The Solar Valley is located in the fifth phase of the neighborhood and is considered the most open social arena in Istanbul, which can give you a breath of the refreshing nature of its green spaces, walking paths, its shopping center, cafes, restaurants and its sports and social services. Within the Sula Valley is the Başakşehir Lake, the first and largest industrial lake in Turkey. The lake is also located in the recreation area of ​​the 300,000 square meter Başakşehir Park. The entertainment area includes various restaurants, play areas, private clubs and a tea garden as well as the Buick Arena 2, which hosts various concerts and shows.
• Municipal Football Education Center Şahintepe Spor Parkı
• First Ataturk Stadium

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