9 Places for a Quiet Spring Weekend

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Mar , 20
9 Places for a Quiet Spring Weekend

For those who prefer to take a walk in the forests, nature and the bad weather, traveling to Turkey during the spring season is the perfect choice.
With the arrival of the spring you have 9 places to spend an enjoyable weekend among nature’s bosom.

1 – Houses “wood” wooden – Polo Hindiba Doğa evi – bolu

These tourist houses are located on the seven lakeside road “Yedigöler” in the state of Polo, about 66 km away, and the journey from Ankara to Istanbul is approximately two hours and about four hours from Istanbul.

This place gives you a chance to enjoy the rural and wildlife life between the green forests and near the waterfalls and streams. There are also two types of wooden and stone houses with a number of rooms and a large kitchen. There are many restaurants, cafes and shops in the area, all with a very attractive fee of 125 Turkish liras per night Equivalent to approximately US $ 33.

2 – Beta Home Göl Evi houses

Is a small luxury villa located in the village of Kırkpınar near Lake Sabanga, about an hour from Istanbul. It is characterized by its natural atmosphere and the presence of a special breakfast on birds singing and the view of the lake charming?

Do not miss the opportunity to discover this hidden paradise, at a price of up to 450 Turkish liras, equivalent to about $ 120 per day with a fine breakfast.

3. Saklı Göl Evleri Houses

For those who prefer to stay on the shores of Lake Karacaören in the state of Bordor, here are the houses of Sakale Gul (Wood Roses), which offer visitors a charming stay in front of the lake and in the lap of green nature. You can also do many activities such as fishing, kayaking and explorations by Yachting, hiking and cycling in the jungle.

The rental of a wooden house for one day and two persons is 640 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately 170 US dollars. For those wishing to stay in tents, the price of accommodation in the tent for two persons is 550 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately 150 USD.

Knowing that in both options breakfast is free.

4 – Ida Natura Bongalov’s houses – Balik prisoner İda Natura Bongalov Evleri

These magnificent houses are situated on the hills of the Kaz Mountains and among the lush trees in the state of Palek Prison.

Here you will find a natural outlet and unspeakable happiness. You can also make use of the hotel’s water massage services, and do the natural activities of cycling and hiking in the forests, all at an attractive price for 2 people per day, 200 TL for 55 USD.

5 – Houses of “Ida Villa” – Balik prisoner İda Villa – Balıkesir

Located two kilometers west of Erdemit city center, surrounded by tangerine and olive trees from all sides, it is an ideal tourist destination for lovers of photography and photography activities among the forests of the mountains of the Kaza, do not miss the opportunity to spend an enjoyable weekend at a low price of 80 TL per person with Morning breakfast is equivalent to approximately US $ 20 only.

6. “Ergovany Yves” Houses – Jeunak Castle Erguvanlı Ev

If you would like to spend a pleasant and interesting weekend, visit the Ergovan Yves houses of the Yeşilyurt village located between the mountains of the Kaza in the town of Jnaq Qala. It is 450 km, about 5 ساعات hours from Istanbul.

The area is quiet and peaceful, it is not overcrowded, it offers its guests a nature-friendly stay and many options, such as visiting the nearby mineral springs and walking and hiking in the forest, at a reasonable price of 390 TL for two people, equivalent to approximately 105 USD.

7. “Horian Wider” Houses – Antalya Hoyran Wedre

Located on the Taurus Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea far from the hustle and bustle of cities and historical archaeological sites.

You can reach it after passing the village of Davazlar and turn left about 3 kilometers only.

The cost of accommodation for two people with a free morning breakfast is 360 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately 100 USD.

8. Abant Lotus Hotel – Abant Lotus Hotel

This luxury hotel offers comfortable accommodation and high service, close to the city center of Polo 16 km and Lake Abant, 15 km away. The hotel’s restaurant serves Turkish specialties such as kebabs, grilled fish and other famous dishes.

The room costs 900 TL per day, equivalent to approximately US $ 245.

9 – Klaskur Adash Dağvi

Set between the charming Artvin forests and 25 km from its center, this unique wooden hotel is also approximately 9 km from the town of Borçka.

It also offers a comfortable stay for its customers. It has 9 large rooms with a bathroom and offers two morning and evening meals at a reasonable price of 250 Turkish liras (about US $ 70).



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