Learn the Story of the Beautiful Lake Sapanca

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Mar , 31
Learn the Story of the Beautiful Lake Sapanca

Sapanca Lake (Spanja), in the Turkish state of Sakarya, has become a famous name among tourists who come to Turkey from different nationalities.

Sapanca Gölü, one of the largest lakes in Turkey and the closest to Istanbul, is located in the state of Sakarya, in the north of Turkey, between the Adabazari plains and the Izmit Bay. It is 135 kilometers from Istanbul and is 45 square kilometers.

The Spanga region and its lake have attracted increasing numbers of foreign and local visitors in recent years, thanks to their beautiful nature and relative proximity to the two main cities of Turkey, Istanbul and Ankara.

In addition to the lake and its surrounding green cover, the area includes the Sakarya River, surrounded by mountains and plains of breathtaking beauty, and hot water baths.

There is a bird and plant garden with the strangest bird species in the world, and many animals, such as elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and many other plant species. The garden is about 35 km from Istanbul. .

In an interview with Anatolia, the deputy mayor of Spanga, Uzgan Yavoz, noted the advantages of Spanga, which attracts local visitors and foreign tourists, especially Arabs, as a bridge between eastern and western Turkey, just an hour away from Istanbul and two hours from Ankara. To be accessible faster after the express train begins to pass through.

The lake includes the waterfalls of Maashouga, which is named after its beautiful beauty. Located 20 km from Sapanca, where the beauty of rural nature and the voice of Khirair meet the water flowing from the high mountains and the fresh air in this region. There are 25 waterfalls, Including the small, and near the lake many restaurants, such as restaurant, “Asmali”, which offers the most delicious meal, inside a cottage at the age of 150 years.

The Story of Lake Sabanga

The novels say that there was a small village next to the current lake where rich people lived, but they were very shabby.

One day, a poor man came from the surrounding mountains, but the villagers did not accept him in their homes. He even asked for water and refused to give it to anyone. When he decided to leave the village, he was met by a man who made the catapult. He honored him and greeted him with a confused face in his shop. In the morning the man returned to his dwelling in the mountains.

After a while the man returned and visited the village but did not find it because it had sunk under water. At present we still see the signpost prominently visible from the middle of the lake, as evidence of the village sinking under the water.


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