Apartments for sale in residential compound containing mall in Beylikdüzü-Istanbul

Close to Sea
Close to Metro
Residential Compound
Ready Tapu
Contains Mall
Close Swimming Pool
Open Swimming Pool
Type Sizes from Prices from
1+1 73 m2 57,026 $ 780,000 ₺
2+1 110 m2 114,052 $ 1,560,000 ₺
3+1 145 m2 131,598 $ 1,800,000 ₺
Shop 90 m2 277,818 $ 3,800,000 ₺
Villa 211 m2 204,708 $ 2,800,000 ₺
  • Cash Discount 20%

Price Per Square Meter Index

  • There will be several transportation options in the project area including buses, metrobus, the new metro line, and the sea taxi from the Marina. This makes it very easy to transport to various areas in Istanbul.
  • The project features an open mall consisting of 112 shops, which meets all of the needs of the family for both shopping and entertainment.
  • The project is huge and contains all facilities such as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor garage, a gym, playgrounds, and others.
  • You can choose an apartment of your liking from the 50 types of apartments, all of which have either a balcony or terrace to enjoy the view, in addition to the three-story villas.

The project is located in Beylikdüzü (European Istanbul) between the E5 Highway and West Istanbul Marina, which will include sea taxis that travel to the city center. Also, a new metro station will be established in the area.

The area of the complex is fully serviced with the local bazaar, several schools, multiple shopping malls, gardens, and many forms of transportation such as buses, metrobuses, the metro, and soon to be sea taxis. This makes the area desirable for many construction companies, who are building several residential and commercial complexes in it.

The project has many features such as the 21,330 square meter garden, an open shopping mall with 112 shops, a closed garage with a capacity of 1354 cars, an outdoor garage with a capacity of 137 cars, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and playgrounds.

The complex is built on an area of 44,426 square meters and consists of nine buildings, 1,160 residential units, and more than 50 different types of apartments including one-, two-, three-, or five-bedroom apartments all with either a balcony or a terrace. There are also villas up to three stories tall.

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Closed swimming pool
Open swimming pool
Shopping mall
Walking trail
Running track
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Open parking lot

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