You need one day only to buy a home in Turkey


Only one day is enough to buy a house/apartment and complete the transfer procedure, according to officials at Istanbul real estate offices.

Everyone is able to own a home in Turkey, by following these simple steps to acquire a property:

  • Once a property has been selected and a price agreed, a preliminary agreement may be signed by both parties, which may require a deposit. Full checks are then carried out on the property and its title deeds (TAPU).
  • The buyer should register with the local tax office and open a bank account in a Turkish bank. The buyer must also supply the TAPU office with proof of ID (a translated image of the buyer’s passport, certified by the notary public) and a copy of the current TAPU.
  • The TAPU office then makes an application for purchase on your behalf – this includes a check of the buyer’s suitability.
  • Once clearance has been given, the two parties sign a final contract, the balance is paid, and formal title deeds are given to the buyer.
  • The buyer must then inform the local municipality of the transfer (within 3 months).