Who is the real estate agent (real estate marketer) in Turkey?

The real-estate agent is the person who runs all kinds of real-estate related transactions, facilitating them and minimizing possible errors or any unexpected obstacles. The real-estate agent is very experienced in real-estate marketing and investment, in addition to strong connections with construction and real-estate development companies. The buyer will give the real estate agent many details regarding his/her desired property, then the agent will provide him/her with the most suitable and feasible offers.

Like any other occupation, you will encounter lots of names and slogans for many companies and real-estate agents with clear differences between them in regards of reputation, experience and credibility. It is essential that you chose your agent wisely based on reputation and experience in the real-estate field in order to guarantee yourself a fruitful and successful deal.

The main differences between a real-estate agent and a broker:

The differences between the real-estate agent and the broker are very apparent:

The real estate agent:

  • Has a procuration from the real-estate owners or development companies which enables him to do the marketing and selling of their real-estates, and sometimes an exclusive contract will be signed making this agent the only marketer for a specific real estate.
  • Will manage the whole process from finding the requested property to completing legal procedures and preparing the property for living or investment, where he will provide all pre and after sales services that will help facilitate the process and ensures its success.
  • Has the ability to analyze the market, know its supply and demand ratios, and pinpoint the best time to buy or sell a real-estate.
  • The real estate agent negotiates on behalf of the buyer to obtain the lowest possible price for the desired property.

The real estate broker:

  • Provides no extra effort to facilitate the process.
  • His work is done when the buyer and the seller reach an agreement and his commission is paid.
  • Will not pay much attention for the return on investment or market analysis.

How does a real estate agent get a profit in Turkey?

The real estate agent profit by obtaining a commission from the real estate process which will be under his hand, either sale or purchase, and the party from which the commission is obtained will be different according to these two cases:

  1. If the purchase is directly from the construction company, the real estate agent will receive his commission from the construction company only according to a contract signed between them and the commission will not be added to the price of the property, knowing that the buyer will get the same price, whether he bought through the agent or bought it himself from the construction company.
  2. If the purchase is from a normal person, the commission of the agent shall be collected from the seller and the purchaser in equal proportion with a commission rate agreed on in advance.

How to choose the best real-estate agent?

  1. One of the most reliable factors is a personal recommendation made by a friend or a relative since it is resulting from actual experience.
  2. Browsing through the internet for companies that has the highest rating and positive recommendations such as Google ratings made by previous costumers.
  3. The agent should have full knowledge on all related matters to the area of interest and desired location of investment.
  4. The amount of offers available on his website.
  5. The display of real-estates options in detailed and clear manner.

It is definitely very important to ask for the agency legal permits and documents which allow its legal status to work in Turkey in order to avoid any entrapments by some individuals who work without permits and therefore cannot be held accountable in case of any error.

It is also important to visit the agency office and familiarize yourself with its management and team which you will be dealing with to make the best investment deal.

What makes a successful agent?

  • Having an advanced ability and knowledge in the e-marketing field.
  • Responses quickly to clients.
  • Honesty and transparency in communication.
  • Good listening skills in order to identify the client needs and asking the right questions to accurately get the details of the desired property.
  • Having excellent marketing skills.
  • Able to detect and avoid any possible entrapments.
  • Having knowledge and experience in the legal documentation requirements for finalizing any selling, buying or renting process.