Turkish Universities Offer E-Learning Programs

by Proact
Apr , 30
Turkish Universities Offer E-Learning Programs

Distance learning provided access to education through the Internet and without going to university. The student can follow the lectures through his or her personal computer at home or anywhere else where the Internet service is available.

The phenomenon of the spread of distance education has helped all those wishing to complete their university studies who do not have the ability to go to university either because of the association with work or after the place or the housework.

There are also universities that offer post-graduate education such as Masters and PhD distance. In general, all the means of communication between the student and the teacher are available in virtual education. In addition, the student can interact with the teacher through discussion through the electronic The teacher is able to conduct surveys that measure the extent of student responsiveness and understanding with the content of the subject

The midterm examinations are carried out through the student’s account at the university. The final exams are held at the university center itself and the student must register the attendance

Distance learning has solved the problem of time, especially for staff and students already enrolled in a higher education program. Registration of lessons allows students to repeat the lesson in an unlimited number of times, increasing student chances of success.

Turkey is one of the advanced countries in this field. There are more than 30 universities in Turkey that adopt the distance learning system. We will review the most important Turkish universities that adopt the distance education system: Akdeniz University in Antalya, Anadolu University in Eski Shahir, Kogali University, Ankara University, Marmara University Istanbul, Istanbul University, Middle East Technical University of Ankara, Ataturk University in Erzurum, Chanakali University March 18, University of Izmir, Izmir University, Gaziantep University, Ankara, University of Haji Taba in Ankara, Karadeniz Technical University of Trabzon.


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