Social Security in the Republic of Turkey (SGK)

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Social Security in the Republic of Turkey (SGK)

The social security institution: which ensures people in the social system in terms of public health insurance, was established with the aim of achieving a social security system according to modern standards in accordance with the principles and foundations of social insurance and can be sustained financially.

This system can be abbreviated as the units paid over the wages of workers in a common fund, but after receiving the monthly pension entitlement to old age, the monthly pension is provided in accordance with these paid units. When a person becomes retired, or when he has an accident, or when he gets sick, the help he will take from the system will vary according to the income he has already earned.

Financing of public health insurance

Health services, through agreements between institutions that provide health services inside and outside the country and / or in accordance with the provisions of Law 5510, health insurance services are provided by paying the cost of the health services they buy or pay for them by contacting the insured public health insurance and the taxpayers Without an agreement.

Health services provided by providers of health services, which are paid by the social security institution, are financed by the social insurance.

The premium for general health insurance for long and short term insurance is 12.5% ​​of the basic profit. This installment is 5% of the insurance, 7.5% of it shares for employers.

However, for public health insurance and unemployment benefit recipients, short-term employment benefits and work-disability compensation, the general health insurance premiums for them are 12% of the basic profit. In addition, the state, the amount obtained to insure disability, old age, death and general health insurance premiums by a quarter of its contribution to the institution.

In accordance with the law, the income collected as a result of the collection of the general health insurance premiums: It may not be used for any purposes other than administration expenses, health services provided by public health insurance and other rights.

Short-term insurance arms

General health insurance to extend treatment assistance in the insurance of work accidents, occupational diseases, diseases and maternity: The dimension in cash assistance is provided within the short-term insurance.

Short-term insurance arms, the period of stay of the insured in the position of employee.

Insurance of occupational accidents and occupational diseases
Illness insurance
Maternity insurance
Long-term insurance arms

Provides long-term insurance services to disability, old age and death assistance from the faithful.

1. Aging Insurance

Disability insurance
3. Death pension

Scope of public health insurance in terms of services provided

1. Health services funded by the Foundation

The health services provided by the Foundation for occupational accidents and diseases, health services due to illness and maternity, disability, lack of work or lack thereof are as follows: :

Services dedicated to the protection of people’s health and services designed to protect people from harmful substances harmful to human health, regardless of the fact that the person is ill
Medical services on the clinical or on the feet that are died in cases of exposure of people to the disease
Medical services on the clinical or on the feet that are died as a result of exposure to work accident or occupational disease

Oral and dental health services and orthodontic treatment for children under the age of 18 years

Reproductive techniques

Medical services, medical supplies, medical supplies, medical supplies, medical supplies, medical supplies, medical supplies, Recovery, installation, maintenance after the end of their warranty period, and repair and refurbishment services.
Also, in the event of a breach of the conditions of general health insurance, because of the continuation of a particular treatment, the health services continue until the person is cured.

2. Non-funded health services

Non-funded health services are:

All types of health services that are aimed at cosmetic and orthodontics, which are not caused by work accidents and diseases and are aimed at the processes of beautification and perfection of the body, which is done in order to maintain bodybuilding
Medical services without authorization and authorization from the Ministry of Health, which is not defined by the Ministry of Health as health services
Citizens of foreign countries: Services of chronic diseases existing prior to the date of considering public health insurance or persons charged with their care of public health insurance
Health services outside of the health services covered by the Foundation


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