Learn About the Smart Bike Service in Istanbul

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Jul , 20
Learn About the Smart Bike Service in Istanbul

Among the many services offered by the municipalities of Istanbul is the smart bicycle service, which is available for everyone to rent from any rental centers that spread in most coasts and gardens

If you are in Fatih, in the heart of Istanbul, and would like to go to the Yeni Kapi coast, just go to the nearest smart bike station.

There you can rent a bicycle, and once you reach your destination you will park in the designated space.

In Istanbul, the İSBİKE system, especially the neighborhoods and gardens, has been widely spread and the participants can enjoy their independence through a subscription card provided by the municipality.

The bike can be rented via a special card for subscribers, or by credit card, for an enjoyable trip within the city or to spend a walk.

Perhaps the most important feature of the matter is not requiring the return of the bike to the same place, where it can be parked – after the completion of the specified time – at the nearest station.

The use of bicycles has become increasingly popular due to the traffic congestion in the city, especially in the main areas, including Al-Fateh, Oskadar and Taksim.

The Greater Istanbul Municipality has allocated bicycle places on the coasts around the city, through traffic lines with a width of one meter and orange.

The stations of the smart bike on the coast of the city in large, most notably the coast of Floria Winnie Gabby and Buick Jkmji, and others on the outskirts of the city, which is more than 100 km.

The move has also attracted the interest of cycling enthusiasts, both for sport and for the enjoyment of outdoor air, including Turks and foreign tourists, especially in spring and summer.

The number of smart-bike users during the past year was 150,000, according to the official site of the smart bikes of the Istanbul Municipality.

It is expected that the number of bicycles in the areas of Istanbul will increase during the coming period, through the establishment of more “smart units to rent bicycles.”

It is expected that new points will be introduced to provide services to citizens, especially in the coastal belt, the islands of princesses, and historical and archaeological sites.

Tenants pay for the use of bicycles through the “İSBİKE” card or credit card.

The cost of one hour is 2.5 Turkish liras (half a dollar), a two-hour period of 4 lira ($ 0.80) and 120 to 180 minutes for 6 liras ($ 1.23), after 3 hours, adding 4 lira per hour.

** How to get a bike

The user goes to the bicycle rental board, via credit or debit card, and then clicks the “Rent a bicycle” button on the screen.

The customer then completes the steps on the board, and then enters his / her password, which is usually 8 digits, which the system has already given to him.

Bicycles are equipped with special techniques, where the system can stay active with the database, allowing to monitor all movements of bicycles and know whereabouts.

“I live in a student residence near Tub Kabi, which is about 4 kilometers from my college. I often take a bicycle from the smart station and go to my apartment, and I deliver it at a station next to the housing,” says Mohammed Ali Kaskin, a student at Istanbul University.

In an interview with Anadol, Kaskin adds that the idea, which began to spread through the organization of the municipality, was accepted by me and others, for many reasons.

He explains: The bike enables me to reach my home in a quarter of an hour, especially in times of traffic congestion, as well as free sports.

The Jordanian investor Hassan Mujahid, 42, said, “Every Saturday morning I rent a bike from the coast of Floria, and drive it to the coast of Yeni Kabbi, for a distance of 13.5 km.”

He added: It is a pleasant sport, especially in the early morning hours, and the sound of the waves of the sea.



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