Inheritance in Turkey

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Inheritance in Turkey

How to prepare the will, and force of the right to inheritance

When you become the owner of an apartment, house or villa in Turkey, it is normal for you to be troubled as a person who is a matter of property inheritance. The inheritance law in Turkey is similar to that of similar institutions in other European countries. How to transfer / acquire inheritance In Turkey, prepare the relevant documents correctly – it means foreigners primarily who are realtors in Turkey and hold the nationality of another state.

You can, of course, read the provisions of the right to inheritance in the Turkish Republic, but prefer to get explanations by specialists – lawyers who have practiced procedures for the transfer of inheritance in Turkey practice.

Inheritance of real estate in Turkey: will

Procedures for obtaining property (in Turkey or any other country) begin as usual after the death of the landlord, the apartment or the land. All property shall be transferred within the prescribed legal period to the heirs. According to Turkish law, the will is not necessary to prove the right to inheritance but suffices to provide evidence of the right to inheritance.

All legal aspects relating to inherited property in Turkey govern the legal framework of the country

(Article 1/20 of Act No. 5718 on “Private international law and procedures”).

Can the state be the heir? Yeah

In the absence of any other legal heirs (family members) of the property in Turkey.

The right to inherit property in Turkey is available to all nationalities. If a person is not aware that he has become the potential owner of a house, the Turkish Civil Code, Article 594, which provides for measures to search for the heir, is activated.

If the second year of the publication of the invitation (declaration) and the absence of any family members or heirs, wishing to obtain the inheritance, the right to ownership of the property is transferred to the State.

However, the inheritance law in Turkey recognizes that the heirs may subsequently appear, therefore, leaving them with the legitimate opportunity to obtain inheritance through the courts for 10 years after the death of the owner.

In order to write a will, taking into account the name of the future heir of real estate in Turkey such as spouse, children, parents, children, brother or sister and others, reference should be made to any notary who in turn to complete these procedures and the preparation of the document is obliged to provide an interpreter and a number of witnesses.

You can also issue a will in your country, provided that Apostille seals are available on the document.

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