Huawei opens an information and networking academy in Istanbul

by Proact
Dec , 18
Huawei opens an information and networking academy in Istanbul

Huawei, a telecommunications specialist, has opened its Huawei Academy of Information and Networking Laboratory at the University of Istanbul.

Chinese Trade Attache in Istanbul, Huang Sungfeng, made the remarks at the opening ceremony on Monday.

Huawei has allocated its resources in Turkey to education and technology, which is important, he said, adding that countries possessing technology are more powerful and that countries should focus on education and technology, Anatolia reported.

“Huawei has done an important job in Turkey by allocating its resources to education and technology,” he said, stressing the importance of technology not only to China but also to the future of humanity. He pointed out that technology is a double-edged sword that will be bad if used in the wrong direction.

Yu Yanqing, director of research and development at Huawei in Turkey, said he had been living in Turkey for five years and understood as a foreigner Turkey’s centennial goals in 2023.

He pointed out that Huawei is providing assistance to many countries to develop their technological systems and prepare capable cadres.

He added that the friendly relations between Turkey and China span years and years ago, stressing that “the two countries are hand in hand to establish their future.”



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