Goals to achieve in the new year

by Proact
Sep , 11
Goals to achieve in the new year

This year is nearing completion, and it is now necessary to have an honest meeting with yourself, what have you accomplished this year? What do you want to achieve next year? But in the midst of this context you should put some health goals that will help you to get a good health and enjoy it during the next year away from physical and psychological illness.

Do not accept to stay in your place, but aspire to progress in both your career, social life or even your health, here are some suggestions that will help you during the new year:

Perhaps this is one of the most common goals year after year, and you may have set this goal up in previous years, but did you achieve it? It is not impossible. Determination is the key to achieving this and losing excess weight.

In order to achieve this important goal, we recommend you to buy a note that records everything you eat on a daily basis and to revise it daily before you go to sleep, with this you will be able to identify the food that you do not need to eat again and add other healthy alternative to help you lose weight.

As you move on in your life and increase your workload, you may have noticed that you have lost your relationships with your friends or even your family and after a while you will notice that it has a negative impact on your physical and mental health, so this new year will be the right time to restore these relationships. Where various scientific research indicates that people with strong social relationships live longer than others.

A study published in the scientific journal (PLoS Medicine) found that a lack of social relationships can negatively affect your health just as much as alcohol and smoking, and worse than obesity and lack of exercise.


You have always promised yourself that this cigarette will be your last, or that next year you will really quit smoking! We all did, but did you succeed in achieving that goal? If it does not work, you have the opportunity this year as well.

Experiment with multiple ways to quit smoking and also think about all the money you will save if you quit smoking. This can help you achieve your desired goal and keep you healthy too.

You can save some money by making drastic changes in your life, such as walking or cycling to work, even exercising at home every day, or avoiding fast food and bad-quality food.

Saving money will help you achieve other goals you have always dreamed of, such as traveling or owning a dream home. Think about it

It is normal to feel tense, but do you know that chronic stress is negatively reflected on your health? So, try to minimize the tension during next year.

Various scientific studies have revealed that chronic stress can increase the risk of depression, obesity, heart disease and many other health problems, so you should get rid of the things that cause you stress such as long work hours, not getting enough sleep, not exercising or social isolation.

Take a break, revive your social relationships, practice sports and even meditation, and do not forget to take breaks from work to reward yourself for the achievements accomplished.

Do you remember the last time you volunteered? What was your feeling at the time? Did you know that our happiness increases when we draw the smile on the faces of others as well? Not only that, but a scientific study conducted in 2010 found that the positive feelings of a person reduces the risk of heart disease by about 20%.

So let’s make the new year the year of change and helping others, volunteer and share with others

No matter what age you are now, take a trip to your school, walk around and talk to your teachers. A 2007 study found that returning to school after many years helps to restore memory and having a stronger memory.

drinking alcohol reflects negatively on your health, your mind and even your beauty, Various studies have shown that drinking alcohol increases the risk of depression and loss of memory. Drinking alcohol frequently threatens your life. It increases the risk of heart disease, liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure, strokes and even cancer of all kinds.

“Do not listen to what they say, but go to see for yourself.” This is a Chinese saying that sums up the importance of travel. Travel is not only fun, it has many different benefits. It strengthens your immunity, improves brain health and increases your physical fitness!

So, before you make your new year resolution, you should read the following article and think about including these goals in your plan this year



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