(FTI) The Largest German Tourism Group, Has Relocated its Headquarters to Istanbul

by Proact
Jul , 4
(FTI) The Largest German Tourism Group, Has Relocated its Headquarters to Istanbul

FTI, the largest tour operator in Germany, has announced that it will open its head office in the Turkish and Turkish cities of Istanbul and El Gouna under plans to reorganize the company, according to FVW, a travel and tourism news website.

The new offices are part of the restructuring of the company’s activities and individual flight operators to cover the purchase of flights, reservations, destination management, hospitality, operations and call centers in these destinations, which have become a favorite for German tourists on behalf of the company.

“Among other reasons for relocation is that the company has problems finding qualified employees for these central positions at its headquarters in Maynakh, where there are currently 120 vacancies, the company was unable to find employees because of rents, high living costs, Employees among banks, insurance companies and car companies. ”

He pointed out that the company’s owner, Dietmar Jones, decided to open offices in other places less expensive, where it will be easy to find employees with good salaries and high skills, both in Germany and in other countries. For example, the group opened an office in Berlin, where it acquired staff members who previously worked for Air Berlin to build the mass flight purchase.

This week, the FTI Group and its branch of parallel services signed an agreement to lease a large office in a new business complex near the Egyptian tourist city of El Gouna. The nine-year lease is worth $ 6.7 million.

In addition, the company will soon open a new office in Istanbul to bring together staff from its hospitality unit, including hotel management activities, in one location.



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