Find Out About 10 Great Destinations in the Beautiful City of Rize

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Aug , 29
Find Out About 10 Great Destinations in the Beautiful City of Rize

Rize is famous for tea, and is the first source of tea in Turkey, both internally and externally, and because of its reputation for tea cultivation and export, also called “tea city”.

The beautiful and magnificent Rize has many wonderful tourist spots suitable for a spectacular tourist holiday. There are many Arab tourists who go to the city of Trabzon for their holiday, and the city of Trabzon is a close and very close city to the city of Rize, so who would like to add some other wonderful tourist places to his tourist program during his visit to Trabzon, Rize is a part of the city of Trabzon in its beauty and charm.

The city of Rize is one of the Turkish cities with the characteristics of the diversity of tourism enjoyed by Turkey in general. Set in the northeast of Turkey and overlooking the Black Sea coast, the green Riza is characterized by its picturesque nature and magnificent views that heal the breasts and relax the hearts.

Greece was the first people to settle in the city of Reza. The name of the city dates back to Greek, meaning “mountain beauty” in Greece. Greece has given it the name of its mountain and its beauty. The white cotton is covered with “snow” With its elegant fabric from the bottom.

Rize remained under Greek-Byzantine rule until 1080 AD, when the Seljuk Turks of that year opened it and annexed it to their areas of control in the battle of Malat Karret. Since that year, Riza remains under Turkish control.

Places of Interest in Rize:

Ayder Natural Spa (Ayder Kaplıcaları) Located in the valleys of Mount Eyder, it is characterized by a luscious green nature surrounded by all sides. It contains warm mineral water recommended by dermatologists for use by patients with dermatological and osteopathic conditions for recovery or by a preventive cure.


The village of Çat is located between high mountains and very greenery, a beautiful village suitable for nature lovers and simple primitive life. It is possible to rent one of the cheap houses and stay there to breathe in the breath of refreshing nature that does not wear out.


Château Château: Located close to the Château village, adorned with lush greenery and dense trees, the valley adds to the village of Château Gamal and attractive lure.



The mountains of Maçkar Çayı Dağı Mountains are dedicated to the sport of mountain climbing, a suitable place for sports enthusiasts and lovers.



The summit of Mount Chagran Kaya, the peaks of a white, snow-covered, snow-covered peaks and clear clouds pass through them, giving them a magnificent white grace.



Tülü Gelin Şelalesi Falls The diversity of natural terrain increases the beauty and splendor of the place. This is exemplified by the Galen Tolo Falls, which flows from the mountains of Aïder, where it increases the beauty and delight of the green mountains of Idir. This is a healthy natural spa.


Kaçkar Dağı Parkı is a natural park with all its elements and elements, frequented by the inhabitants of Rize for barbecues amid the magnificent nature, a garden that opens the appetite and increases the amount of food that is more and more delicious and dipping with the breath of nature.


The river Fırtına Deresi is characterized by its pure water, its magnificent environment and its pavilion. Alongside the romantic cafés on its banks, there are several sports clubs where rafting can be enjoyed for adventure and kayaking enthusiasts.

The San Yufu Bridge (Şenyuva Köprüsü) passes over the River Darty, and through it stand the most beautiful photographs of the memorial.

Black Sea Coast: When you visit Rize, you can stay in one of the country houses or in a luxury hotel on the Black Sea coast. The Black Sea coast of Rize, with its purity, purity, beauty and splendor, attracts elements and attracts the tourist pleasure it offers.



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