8 Tips for Your Next Trip to Turkey

by Proact
Mar , 7
8 Tips for Your Next Trip to Turkey

Do you plan to make a trip to Turkey soon?
Well, there are 8 things to do during your trip to make your trip more enjoyable and easier to learn about

In this article we have gathered things that may seem simple but must be taken into consideration during your trip to Turkey:

1. Transportation to and from the airport

Taxis are not the only option to move from or to the airport. Public transport is available by bus to and from the airport throughout Turkey, at a much lower cost than taxis.

2. Telephone and communication

You can use your private mobile phone without registering it in Turkey for up to 120 days before it is blocked from the network, so if your visit is short you do not need to register it, and do not forget to get a pre-paid line from a local company that you will often encounter at the airport.

3. Transportation card

If you are visiting a Turkish city, you should get a transport card in Istanbul, for example, istanbul kart, which will benefit you by using all public transportation in the city. You can recharge the amount you wish when the balance runs out, Metro or near bus stops in the city, worth 10 Turkish Lira is not refundable.

4.Visit museums

If you are a fan of archaeological sites and museums, you should take advantage of the museum visit card provided by the city of Istanbul, for example, which became available to foreigners, after it was exclusively for residents, through the card will pay only 85 TL to be able to visit all the museums of the city without the need to pay An additional fee, for a period of 5 days, begins with the visit of the first museum, and is allowed to use in each museum only once.

5. Currency conversion

Once you arrive in Turkey you may want to transfer your money or part of it to the currency of the country (Turkish Lira). You can do so at one of the money exchange terminals located at the airport, or you can get a better exchange rate when you arrive in the city center.

6. Food

Turkey is famous for its rich and unique cuisine, and like other countries it has its popular delicacies which are characterized by its relatively cheap price and its delicious taste. The most famous of these are Alexander Kebab, the meat with the Lahmacun, the Cheffata, the Turkish shurma, And dinner (pastries).

Most of the accommodation will usually include a free breakfast. Turkish breakfast usually consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, cheeses, olives, eggs, pastries and jam.

For more savings, avoid eating in restaurants close to the most popular tourist areas, where the cost is often high, and when dining in a restaurant always check the bill, you may get errors sometimes, and if you are satisfied with the service is excellent, the tip (Tipping) in Turkey usually does not exceed 10 percent of the total invoice as a maximum.

7. Rent a car

If you want to rent a car in Turkey, it is very easy as long as you have your passport and driving license. You do not have to have an international driver’s license if your stay period is temporary. The daily cost of renting a car often ranges from 90 to 150 Turkish lira (23) To $ 40), depending on the type of car. You should also know that fuel prices in Turkey are fairly high, so to save more money you prefer to choose a diesel car.

8. Refund of taxes during shopping

Prices for goods sold in Turkey include a tax of up to 18 percent. If you are not a resident, you can refund the tax for everything you buy and cost more than 108 liras (approximately $ 28). So keep your purchase invoices for tax refund at the airport Before you leave Turkey, ask for a tax free of charge offered by most major shops.



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