8 Charming Areas Suitable for a One Day Holiday in Turkey.

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Feb , 22
8 Charming Areas Suitable for a One Day Holiday in Turkey.

Tourism in Turkey is one of the finest destinations of international tourism Turkey combines the modernity of reality with the beauty and fragility of the past. Turkey contains the cultural treasures inherited through the times and ages that established the Ottoman Empire. Turkey also enjoys a distinctive climate and character from other capitals. It is picturesque as it combines the standards of natural and historical beauty and tranquility.
We are introducing you in this topic to 8 charming areas suitable for a one day holiday:

1- Agva, Aghva

Its proximity to Istanbul makes it an ideal destination for most tourists. It is 97 km north, and you can reach it by following the path of Şile Yolu.

A coastal village nestled between the Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers that pour into the Black Sea. You can take a wonderful stroll along the banks and enjoy the beauty of nature and savor the finest Turkish cuisine in one of the restaurants also on their banks.

2-The village of “Nazar”

Is one of the nearby villages of İzmir, which is 37 km away and is one of the favorite tourist destinations near Izmir and its pure air. Featuring its “Blue Bead” accessories, do not miss a chance to have breakfast.

3- Amasra

Is one of the cities of the coastal state of Bartin, which is about 17 km away.

One of the most beautiful cities in the western Black Sea region, and you can visit its castle and its ancient museums as well as enjoy watching the beaches clean and roaming in the popular markets.

4- Eskişehir

Despite its large size but you can discover its features in one day, you can first start with the famous river Porsuk Çayı, which divides the city into two parts and cruises by boat, and then look at the houses of Udon Bazaari and learn about the historical museums through which You will know the history of the city, and the transportation is available to get you quickly, especially from Istanbul and Ankara, where fast trains are available.

5- Buick Asa Büyükada

It is one of the largest islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara, with an area of ​​5.4 km2, and is 2.3 kilometers from the coastline of the Malteva area.

The island is characterized by a quiet atmosphere and pure air. There are no cars to move around. You use bicycles and “staggers” which are horse-drawn vehicles. You can also relax in a restaurant to eat seafood and do not forget the ice cream of the island.

6- Kapadokia, Kapadokya

Cappadocia lies in the east of Anatolia in central Turkey. Its topography consists of a plateau 1000 meters above sea level. Among its most famous destinations are Urgup, Goreme, Wadi Ahlara and Aphannos.

The colorful balloons are one of the most interesting activities that attract many tourists throughout the year and are available in the area of ​​Goreme.

7- Buzcaada

You can reach the island of Bozja Asa in the Aegean Sea by boat from the port of the city of Jnaq Qal’a, and if you want to discover its beauty, just stroll through its narrow alleys and take the most beautiful photographs along with its bright old houses and taste of its seafood.

8-Safrano Polo Safranbolu

It follows the state of Karabük and is only 8 km away.

The most important thing to see is its old historic houses, each of which is an ancient archaeological museum. You can also visit the Clock Tower, the Haddadin and the copper market.



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