10 Parks Suitable for BBQ Picnics in Turkey

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May , 10
10 Parks Suitable for BBQ Picnics in Turkey

With the arrival of the spring and the mild weather in Turkey, one would prefer to take his family and friends to a natural park on the weekends and barbecue in the woods after a week’s worth of work, so we chose 10 places for you to enjoy a pleasant barbecue.

1 – Karagöl Mesire Yeri Park

The Karagol Lake Park is located 25 kilometers east of Izmir city center, and it is great to roast meat as you look to the entire city of Izmir from the top, where the park is slightly lower than the top of Yamanlar.

The park also has a restaurant, a cafeteria, a cafeteria, a laundry, a bathroom, a parking lot, a fixed barbecue and a private camping place at low prices.

2 – Tayakadin Piknik Alanı Park

If you are looking for a peaceful natural place to do a pleasant family picnic, visit the Taayakadin Park located in the village of Pınar Kaftanoğlu of the Arnavutköy region in the European section of Istanbul, “About seven kilometers, knowing that the above-mentioned village is an important center for breeding cows.

3. Çınaraktı Piknik Alanı Park

It is about 20 km from the center of Ankara. It has a lot of indoor and outdoor seating, barbecue, internet and tea. The barbeque is priced at 25 Turkish liras and the maximum is 35 Turkish liras, equivalent to 6.25 US dollars for the small and 8.75 dollars for the big ones.

4 – Sari Park – Antalya Sarısu Mesire Alanı

Is a large natural park located west of the port of Antalya near the confluence of the Sarısu Çayı in the Mediterranean Sea, covering an area of ​​34 hectares.

It has a magnificent nature and combines both sea and green nature. Thanks to the municipality of Antalya, 1,000 seats were built with a canopy and no umbrella to provide a wonderful barbecue for visitors. It also has several shops, a bakery, a mosque, fish restaurants and other tourist facilities.

5. Mogan Park – Ankara Mogan Parkı

Located in the Gölbaşı region, about 25 km south from the center of Ankara, it was opened in 2004 by the Municipality of Ankara with a total area of ​​663,269 square meters.

It is a favorite destination for the people of Ankara because of its facilities and services such as tennis courts, basketball, football, children’s playgrounds, private barbecue places on the shores of the charming Lake Mogan, and restaurants offering Turkish delicacies, with a fee of 6 Turkish Lira Equivalent to about US $ and a half.

6- Poloniz Park – Istanbul Polonez Parkı

Located in the Beykoz district of the Asian section of Istanbul, and located about 30 km away, it is a perfect destination for a barbecue with friends and family. There are plenty of indoor seating, tables, children’s gardens in the midst of nature and the smell of lush trees. Bring the food and drink, knowing that the fee per person is 12 Turkish liras, equivalent to 3 US dollars on weekdays, and the weekend is 20 Turkish liras, equivalent to about 5 USD.

7 – Sasali Park – Izmir Sasalı Piknik Alanı

This beautiful park is 28 km from Izmir city center and 2 km from the bird’s paradise.

Sprawling over 750,000 square meters, with pine and willow trees everywhere. It is set in a unique setting for a barbecue, with about 500 seats and a table, and also has special walking and cycling trails.

8. Shamlar Natural Park – Istanbul Şamlar Tabiat Parkı

Located in the Haclimaşlı district of the Arnaout Küe district of the European section of Istanbul, where there are plenty of wooden tables, you will have to bring food and a barbecue grill. There is also a toilet, a washbasin, a playground and a private viewing tower.

Individual access to the park is free, but if you want to enter it by car, the entrance fee is 10 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately 2.5 USD.

9. Idos Park – Istanbul Aydos Mesire Yeri

Located at the highest point in Istanbul on the hill of Idos, located in the district of Çarşı of the Kartal region at an altitude of 537 meters above sea level, Flatfoota has the opportunity to see a magnificent panorama from the top, especially when you see the princes of the emirate before you.

This place is a favorite for barbecue lovers from nature to athletes, with special jogging and cycling trails available.

Knowing that the car entrance fee is about 15 Turkish liras, equivalent to about 4 US dollars.

10 – Deriman Boruno Natural Park – Istanbul Değermenburunu Tabiat Parkı

It was declared a natural park in 2011 and is located on the island of Hebeliada in front of the magnificent Marmara Sea view on an area of ​​100 dunums.

All you have to think of is a cafeteria, a small shop, a children’s play area, a grass court, lots of tables and chairs. You can rent a bike and even a barbecue grill at a reasonable price. A charcoal and grill can be rented at a cost of 15 Turkish liras ($ 4).


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