10 Places to Hike near Istanbul for Mountain Nature Lovers

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Mar , 8
10 Places to Hike near Istanbul for Mountain Nature Lovers

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful tourist spots around the world, with its historical, religious and recreational attractions. Despite the charm of Istanbul’s beauty, many tourists come to Istanbul for their holiday in Turkey’s areas of rural or mountainous nature to discover as many of its tourist destinations as possible but at the same time be careful not to go to very distant places to save time and effort.

In order to guide this category of tourists who love to travel and discover, we offer 10 mountain tourist spots close to Istanbul and are considered as places for a short and enjoyable holiday for a day or two:

1. Kulindağ

If you want a great weekend, just rent one of these mountain houses in the woods of the Picos area, close to the center of Istanbul at a reasonable price of 125 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately 30 dollars per person with breakfast, Enjoy the charming landscape, knowing that each house has a room and a bathroom.

2 – Zirve dağ evi

Located in the state of Kogayli, its rooms offer stunning views at an attractive price of 300 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately $ 70 for two people.

It is a suitable option for children with a playground and a small zoo, as well as a camping area.

3. The mountain houses of Özcan Dağvi

This is a wonderful place close to Istanbul, in the state of Polo, where you can enjoy an enjoyable stay in nature with prices of up to 350 Turkish liras, equivalent to about $ 80 for two people with a morning breakfast. You can also catch the abundant “alabalik” Near the area.

4- Maşukiye

Located between the Kartepe and Sapanca regions, this green paradise is the best choice for a wonderful weekend in nature. It has beautiful streams, waterfalls and green forests. The riverside offers many restaurants serving seafood. “Cansu” houses at a price of 250 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately $ 60 with a morning breakfast.

5 – Mudurnu

Is one of the cities of the state of Bolu, wherever you go, you will see the history of history through its old houses. We recommend that you visit it on weekends, specifically on Saturdays when the popular market is set, and if you intend to stay, there is an antique hotel dating back 170 years, Hacı Şakirler At a price of 250 Turkish liras per night, equivalent to approximately $ 60 for two people with breakfast and lunch.

6 – Göynük

The quietest city in the state of Bolu is characterized by its houses, hotels and ancient ruins, and also has many places to visit, such as Zafer Clock, Zinarlar Bridge and the Tree of Ant.

7. Kuzuluk

Or the Mineral Springs Commission, which follows the Akyazı town of Akiyazı located in Skariya.

It will take you about two hours to travel from Istanbul to the great road surrounded by dense forests and mountains. You will also find a huge jade tree dating from 650 years.

8-  İğneada

The best choice for a special weekend near Istanbul is about three hours away. The most famous of these are the Longoz forest north of Thrace on the Turkish-Bulgarian border and is a favorite for lovers of camping, hiking and enjoying the beautiful seaside scenery. Black. You can also try a boat tour of the Kamo river at attractive prices.

9- Agva

The closest to Istanbul, 100 km north, between Göksu and Yeşilçay, which attract thousands of foreign and local tourists.

10. Sarısu

Overlooking the Black Sea, Kandıra is just 8 km away.

It runs along the coast of the sea and is spread by many places of camping and cafés widely scattered.


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