Enjoy the Beauty of 9 Turkish Countryside Villages

by Proact
Feb , 21
Enjoy the Beauty of 9 Turkish Countryside Villages

1 – the village “Agranas” Kayseri Ağırnas – Kayseri

It follows the town of Melikgazi in the state of Kayseri, with an estimated population of 3,000 and 500 inhabitants. It is considered one of the most important archaeological and historical centers because it contains many historical monuments and buildings. It dates back to about three thousand years and was inhabited by the Romans by 95% and in the years The latter received large numbers of domestic and foreign tourists.
2 – village of “Yankler” – Fethiye Yanıklar – Fethiye

It is about 15 kilometers from Fethiye and 45 kilometers from Dalaman Airport. Its unique location makes it a paradise of hidden gardens in Turkey. On the one hand, it overlooks the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, it includes natural areas and a dense vegetative cover of fields of citrus trees, streams and green mountains. It is also one of the villages that offer balanced eco-tourism. And its night life is characterized by tranquility and tranquility in contrast to some other villages, making it a favorite destination for many tourists.

3. The village of Boğatepe – Kars

It is 50 kilometers from the center of the city of “Qaras”, surrounded by mountains and rising two thousand and 300 meters above sea level.
This village was established in 1800 and most of its inhabitants are farmers and animal husbandry. Its main products are the delicious cheese of the Gruyer. The village contains a museum displaying all kinds of handmade cheese products.
4. The village of “Srinagé” Izmir Şirince – İzmir

It follows the city of Selçuk and is seven kilometers away, and is about 30 kilometers from the coastal city of Kuşadası.
It is also surrounded by olive trees everywhere, and the most important characteristic of its ancient houses, which still preserve its historical splendor, and you can also walk between narrow alleys and enjoy the beautiful views and eating the most delicious dishes of the village village.
5. Village “Gul Yazi” – Stock Exchange Gölyazi – Bursa

The town of Nilüfer is located on a small peninsula on the coast of Lake Olopet, about 45 minutes from the center of Bursa.
Its ancient houses and historical monuments reflect the remains of Roman civilization, dating back to the first century BC.
6 – the village of “Utshsar” Nucheir Uçhisar – Nevşehir

The village of Otschsar is located in the famous district of Kappadocia and is only seven kilometers away from the city of Nusheir, the most important of which is the castle of Otschsar and the houses dug into the mountains, which are now used as tourist attractions.
7 – the village of “Adatbeh” – Gnaq castle Adatepe – Aquanakkale

Is an ancient archaeological village overlooking the Gulf of Erdemite, one of the most important historical areas in Turkey, famous for its rich olive trees. It is a popular tourist destination for those who escape the noise and bustle of Istanbul. You can stroll through its ancient stone houses, capture the most beautiful pictures, and drink coffee in the cafes under the huge trees in the midst of nature.

8. Vakıflı-Hatay village of Antakya

A beautiful village belonging to the state of “Hatay”, and is one of the Armenian villages in Turkey, which embraced the Armenians hundreds of years before the Ottoman era to the present day.

9. The village of Apçağa – Erzincan

Is located in the town of Kemaliye, in the state of Erzangan. It is situated between the mountains of Munzur Dağı. It is an important tourist attraction in the eastern Anatolia region. It contains nine wooden houses dating from 200 to 300 years. It is similar to the ancient houses in Safran Polo “and” Bazzari “brands, so they are listed under protection.



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