Turkey Ranked Sixth Among the World’s Most Attractive Destinations for 2017

by Proact
Feb , 23
Turkey Ranked Sixth Among the World’s Most Attractive Destinations for 2017

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations, it’s popular among many travel enthusiasts because of its beautiful nature, great history and wonderful entertainment facilities. Turkey ranked sixth in the world in terms of tourists last year, and the number of visitors visited 39.9 million tourists in 2017.

According to the data of the UN World Tourism Organization, which the Anatolian correspondent saw, the number of people who traveled from one country to another during the past year reached 322 million, about 42% of whom visited 10 countries.

France ranked first in the number of tourists arriving last year, which amounted to 88.9 million, followed by Spain with 82.2 million, then the United States 72.9 million, China came in fourth place with 59.3 million, and Italy in fifth place 57.8 million.

Turkey ranked sixth in the world with 39.9 million foreign visitors.

In the seventh place came Mexico with 39.3 million, followed by Britain in eighth place where he visited 38.7 million, followed by Germany in ninth place with 37.6 million, and in tenth place came Thailand, which received 34.7 million tourists last year.

The head of the Mediterranean Union of Turkish Hotel Operators, Erkan Yaggi, told Anatolia that he expects the number of tourists visiting Turkey this year to reach 45 million, exceeding the record reached in 2014, during which Turkey received 41.4 million tourists.



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