Increasing Numbers in the Turkish Tourism Sector with the Beginning of 2018

by Proact
Mar , 5
Increasing Numbers in the Turkish Tourism Sector with the Beginning of 2018

The tourism sector in Turkey has not stopped attracting the attention of Arab and foreign tourists. Where the tourism sector began a rapid start in 2018, and the number of tourists in January to 1.5 million tourists, the highest number ever on this month.
Turkey’s tourism sector is expected to grow to $ 30 billion in 2018, boosted by new incentives for tourism companies and rising tourist numbers, Tourism Minister Numan Quartulmush said.
He added that the number is expected to rise in 2018 to 37-38 million tourists who will enter the country revenues of 30 billion dollars.
The number of bookings from Germany has doubled, following a drop of 101 percent since last year’s turbulence in Turkish-German relations.
The rise in the number of tourists affected income, and room revenues rose by 10 percent, the proportion of jobs rose by 28 percent, and income rose by 10 percent.
In the restaurant sector, the tourism sub-sector, demand in the food and beverage sector increased by 15 percent as the number of tourists increased.
Turkey’s tourist sector has been able to attract tourists in 2017 after two years of challenge. At the beginning of 2018, the number of tourists rose by 38 percent in January to 1.5 million.
According to data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of tourists in January 2017, reached 1 million, and in January 2018 rose to 1.5 million tourists, the best year in tourism.
Istanbul was the leader in tourism with 831,000 tourists, up 10 percent from Germany, 70 percent from Russia, and a 60 percent increase in alternative markets, where promotional activities have doubled to expand the tourism market.
The average hotel occupancy rate was 28.6 percent in January 2017 and rose to 60.6 percent in January 2018, according to hotel occupancy rates announced by Turkey’s hotel consortium “Turub”.
The price of rooms, which were reduced to attract tourists, witnessed an upward trend. The daily room rate reached 60.1 euros, up 10 percent over the same period last year.
Istanbul achieved the highest increase in price and occupancy by 65.2 percent for the job and 72.5 euros for the average daily price.
Istanbul was the destination with the highest occupancy rate in Europe at 43.5 percent.
According to German researcher Gfek, holiday bookings from Germany rose for the summer of 2018 by 101 percent at the end of January compared to the previous year.
“Turkey will return to its strong position within two years,” said Dubert Noor Dubeck, head of Germany’s travel and logistics division.
“It is also possible to spend holidays in Turkey at very reasonable prices,” said DRV President Norbert Feibeg.
“Our sector grew by 10 per cent compared to January 2016 and 50 per cent compared to 2017,” said TURYD chairman Kaya Demirer.
“One-third of this growth came from tourists,” he said, adding that they would organize the World Food Gourmet Summit on March 29 with the support of three ministries to boost tourism revenues.


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