The Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations for Recovery and Recreation in Turkey

by Proact
Mar , 19
The Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations for Recovery and Recreation in Turkey

According to the information obtained by Anadolu Agency from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the last year, 550,000 foreign tourists visited the country.

Turkey is home to many of the region’s unique and diverse tourist attractions. The reason for the diversity of tourist areas in Turkey to its cultural diversity and diversity of the topography, and the succession of many civilizations to Turkey, making it one of the most civilized and historical rich. In addition to its cultural richness, its geographical features are also varied and dense. Turkey has many beautiful coasts and many high mountain peaks, green in color and dense waterfalls. These waterfalls pour hot water into natural ponds, These ponds and their waters constitute the secret of health tourism in Turkey. This water can be used for the prevention and treatment of bone and skin diseases because they contain the most important component used for treatment of these diseases, namely sulfur.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Turkey, the number of tourists to reach 1.5 million tourists in 2018, with revenues of up to 3 billion dollars.

The springs and installations are concentrated in the Aegean (Southwest), Marmara (Northwest) and Anatolia (Central) regions. The cities are Yalova, Istanbul first, Bursa and Balkasir, and then Sakarya and Chalk Calais, all located northwest of the country. Ankara, followed by Neveschehr, Sifas and Eskisehir (center).

With a high proportion of minerals useful for treatment in mineral waters, and the fusion of springs with rich cultural history and scenic nature, the atmosphere became suitable for medical tourism.

There are several addresses, in Turkey, you can go to enjoy leisure and medical tourism; these addresses can be listed as follows:

Yeni Kablijga Bursa: The center of Yeni Kabljaja Bursa features a natural medical pool and an old Ottoman bath adjoining each other. The pool water can be enjoyed and enjoyed and afterwards enjoy a refreshing bath inside the Turkish bath.

Termal Yalova: it is a Turkish city located in southwestern Turkey. It is characterized by its distinctive views of the Sea of ​​Marmara and its dense natural trees, which form one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Yalwa trees are located on the mountains. In a region called Tremal, the Tramal area is located amid trees and nature, where you can visit Tremal and enjoy a healing tourist amidst the nature of paradise to look at.

Mudurnu: Located in the city of Polo, 3 km away from Istanbul, Mudurnu has many high-rise mountains covered with trees. These are the mountains where many of the waterfalls flow from a pond surrounded by trees and charming landscapes. And recreational tourism as well.

Tarakli: it is located in the city of Skarya, about 1.5 hours by bus. Tarakli is characterized by the same characteristics as other health tourism areas, and no matter what the author tries to describe these areas, he will not find words that express the charm and beauty of God.

Pamukkale : it is located in the city of Danizli, in the west of Turkey. Pamukkale  is one of the most advantageous areas of medical tourism. Its waters flow from the mountains downwards, and the water flows through many natural ponds. Where it accumulates and gives a view like a cumbersome cotton, this water contains many important elements for the treatment of bone diseases such as carbon and sulfur, along with these ponds there are many waterfalls and rivers that contain hot water, which benefit in the prevention and recovery of For dermatological and osteopathy are also.

It is necessary to enjoy the beauty of these gardens and their superstitious views and must be used to prevent possible bone or skin diseases and prevention of better than Qantar treatment, although there is a need for treatment, it is necessary to visit these places, which represent natural healing places for such diseases.

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