How to buy from the Internet in Turkey without a bank account

How to buy from the Internet in Turkey without a bank account

In today’s era, e-commerce has moved from luxury to necessity

Banks offer credit cards to their customers, which provide them with the purchase process. Due to the difficulty of opening an account in Turkey sometimes, especially for foreigners who do not have tourist or work visas, some have to follow alternative routes.

In this article we talk about simple and available options that help you buy from the Internet:

What is a Paycell Card:

It is a prepaid card that can be charged up to 500 Turkish Lira and allows you to use it as an alternative to Visa card.

It can be obtained from the main Turkcell centers with a price of 15 Tl and can be charged with a minimum of 20 TL, to obtain this card you must have a residence or a work permit.

The card also allows you to recharge your mobile lines, transfer money between Turkcell subscribers, pay water and electricity bills and benefit from the Paycell application, which enables you to monitor withdrawals and track offers, and its available in English.

You can charge them from any major Turkcell center.

What is the Ininal Card:

It Is a pre-paid card that can be charged up to 750 TL and a minimum of 20 TL, which allows you to use them as an alternative to Mastercard issued by ING Bank.

It can be obtained from a PTT center, D & R office or Migros store, without requesting any official document for 5 TL and two TL as a monthly fee.

It can be charged with specific rates by different ATMs, as well as Teknosa, Ptt and Migros.

Three million and a half Syrians reside in Turkey, some of whom face difficulties opening a bank account due to a lack of official documents.

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