Classification of Turkish Universities at the World Rank for 2018

In order to facilitate the selection of universities for Turkish students who are preparing to start their high achievement, the laboratory of the Institute of Informatics at the Middle East Technical University of Turkey prepared a report showing the ranking of 159 Turkish universities according to 10 different rankings for the best universities in the world.

In a statement to the Anatolian correspondent, the head of the laboratory, Ural Akkabout, said that the report was prepared to help students and parents who have difficulty picking the best universities

Interested people can see the rating from here

Middle East Technical University ranked first in Turkey, 521 globally, while Istanbul Technical University ranked 567 globally.

. In fifth place, the University of Istanbul advanced from seventh place last year to 761 in the world, to become 11 Turkish universities within the first thousand universities in the world rankings for 2018.